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Separator for pig manure, cow and chicken - Bauer, model: S655/S855

Separation of waste for pig farms, dairy crow, beef crow, chicken, .. capacity: 10 - 40m3/h.

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Separator - Korea, KJ2-255

Solid and liquid separators in livestock, removing odors in waste, producing solid and liquid organic fertilizers. Capacity: 5 -30m3/h.

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Separator pig, cow, chicken - MCTECH, MC-200

Machine separator by MCTECH cooperated manufacturers, reduce cost price, ensure good quality, suitable for small scale farms, capacity: 10 - 40m3/h.

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Clear system, dryer, sterilizing Plasma automatic medical instruments

Clear, dryer, sterilizing Plasma and automatic packaging of medical instruments using infection control.

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Fresh air supply system positive pressure using operating room

UCASS is a super-clean fresh air supply system, equipped with operating room / ICU, DSA room, stem cell transplant ...

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Disinfecting machine for operating room, ZPRO-200MC

Spray ozone into the operating room for disinfection, do not use chemicals..

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