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  • Water treatment technology

    15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and operating water treatment systems, we have transformed groundwater, surface water, seawater, recovered water into high quality water and treated wastewater. standard.

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  • New equipment and technology

    Environmental treatment equipment and technology .

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  • Livestock waste treatment, agricultural irrigation

    Separator used in the technology of pigs and cattle waste treatment into organic fertilizer and liquid fertilizer. Agricultural irrigation.

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  • Smart irrigation systems in agriculture

    High-tech agriculture with large fields, crow farms are using smart irrigation systems.

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MCTECH provides technology solutions for every project, always through economic efficiency and environmental aspects

MCTECH has cooperated with many domestic and international hi-tech partners in the field of water and wastewater treatment, solid waste, hazardous waste, environmental pollution, automation and treatment. Livestock waste into organic fertilizer, irrigation system, high technology agriculture.

Water treatment technology

Water treatment technology, water recovery, hospital wastewater treatment, domestic, industrial, agricultural irrigation.

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Waste treatment technology

Treatment of medical waste, domestic, industry, hazardous by pyrolysis technology.

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Hi-tech medical equipment

Automatic Medical Cleaner, Automatic Medical Dryer, Automatic Sterilization Packaging, Supply of positive pressure clean air, disinfection of operating room.

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environmental treatment

animal waste

Separator - Bauer

Economic efficiency

Separator capacity: 10 -35m3/h used for pig farms, crow, chicken, .. high efficiency and durable operation.

From 2013, MCTECH has installed hundreds of separators nationwide, separating manure for pig farms, crow, chickens and rabbits, in addition to separating brewers' grains, grinding animal feeds and producing organic fertilizers.

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